Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Beetexting! We're so glad you're here.

These are tutorials for setting up your Beetexting account. If you get stuck for any reason, please reach out to the support number in your Beetexting contacts. Choose the sections that pertain to your business and then start at the top and work your way through.

crm with text messaging
sms crm

1. Get Ready to Text!

team texting CRM

2. Get Ready for Inquiries!

Team Texting App

3. Outreach

to Customers and Leads
Team Texting Platform

4. Advanced SMS

to Set You Apart
  • Set up your seller account to request payment via text ~ 10 minutes
  • Set up your review sites to request 5-star reviews by text ~7 minutes
  • Learn more about advanced automations ~15 minutes
  • Learn more about advanced Calendly automations ~ 10 minutes
  • Set up a meeting with Customer Success ~ Schedule now