Set up Your Business Contact Card

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About Beetexting


Sharing your contact information with new acquaintances, colleagues, and prospects has never been easier. Set up your virtual business card in the Beetexting app so you can share your contact info via text.

Set up Your Contact Card (Virtual Business Card)

How to Setup Your vCard

Creating your virtual business card in the Beetexting app is simple, to begin open the Beetexting app on your desktop computer:

  1. Go to “Settings” in the left column
  2. From Settings click on “Numbers” in the top row
  3. Locate the number you want to create a vCard for and select “Manage”
  4. Click on “VCARD”
  5. Add your information and profile picture
  6. Toggle to “Enable vCard” located in the top right corner
  7. Lastly, click “SAVE”

Now that you’ve created your vCard you can begin sharing it with contacts. To share your vCard click on the business card icon below your text box when communicating with contacts. This will automatically attach your vCard to the message.