Schedule a Message to Yourself for Tomorrow

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While you wait for your business verification to be complete, learn how to schedule a message and then practice by scheduling a message to yourself for tomorrow.

How to Schedule a Message

How to Schedule a Message

  1. If your business verification isn't completed, start by sending your Beetexting number a text from your personal number. You can't initiate any text conversations until your business verification is complete, but you can respond to messages.
  2. Go to the conversation thread you started with yourself. Below the text box at the bottom of the screen is a selection of features to choose from.
    1. Click on the small clock icon (sixth icon from the left) – this is the scheduled message feature.
  3. Once you’ve clicked on the icon a calendar will pop up. Choose a date and time you want your scheduled message to send.
  4. Select “Set”
  5. After selecting a day/time for your scheduled message, go to the text box and write your message.
  6. Select “schedule”