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Can I choose my area code when creating a new number?

Yes! When you create a new phone number on Beetexting you get to choose your area code. You can not choose the full number, just the area code.

Can I choose to make the number I create toll-free?

Yup sure can just select a toll-free area code and your number will be toll-free.

What happens if someone calls my text line?

If you’ve text enabled an existing phone number your phone will ring as usual like it does today. If you created a new phone number in Beetexting we can easily forward call to any number you like.

Can I text enable an existing phone number?

Yes! Beetexting can add text messaging capabilities to your existing phone number so long as texting is available on it. Most all VOIP numbers as well as landlines and toll-free numbers can be text-enabled. If you want to make sure we can text enable your line just text us at (309) 605-0390 or email us at support@beetexting.com. Cell phones can not be text-enabled (because they already are.)

When I get a message where does it go?

When your line receives a message it goes right into the Beetexting app! You can download our iPhone or Andriod apps or visit app.beetexting.com from the web to view your messages and respond.

How will I be notified about the new message?

If you have the iPhone or Android app you can choose from various notification options like lock screen notifications, notification center, or banner notifications. You can also choose to have sound notifications and the app will show a badge count. Basically, everything you’d expect from your current personal text messaging app.

If you don’t have the phone apps and are just using app.beetexting.com you’ll want to turn on your browser notifications so you get notifications when you are signed in. When you’re not signed in we’ll send you an email if you get a new message with a link to click on to open the app and respond.

When will I be notified?

If you receive a new message you’ll get an instant notification. You’ll also receive a notification if a teammate transfers a message to you or tags you into a conversation.

If you don’t have the phone apps and are just using app.beetexting.com you’ll want to turn on your browser notifications so you get notifications when you are signed in. When you’re not signed in we’ll send you an email if you get a new message with a link to click on to open the app and respond.

Can we have multiple phone numbers in our organization?

Hmm… Yes! Creating multiple lines is a great way to keep things nice a tidy and get your customers access to the right teams fast and easy. You may find you’d like a phone number for each dept. in your company. Also, it a great idea to give each teammate a direct line as well. If you have a business-class phone solution you can pretty much just mirror that. The standard setup is to have a mainline for the company, a line for each department, and a direct line for each employee.

Can multiple teammates be assigned to the same phone number?

Well… Of course! You may want to have a few people assigned to your main company line and certain teammates assigned to team or department lines. Easy peasy!

Can I mark conversations as resolved or unresolved?

We thought you’d never ask! Of course, you can! Just check or uncheck the box from the thread list to mark as resolved. If the recipient text you back the system will automatically change the thread back to unresolved for you!

Can I claim a conversation or transfer a conversation to a teammate?

You sure can! To claim a conversation and let your team know you’re on it just click claim from the thread actions drawer at the top of the thread. If you know someone else is best suited to take the conversation just select transfer from the thread actions drawer and select your teammate's name. The thread will be transferred to them and they will get a notification. You’ll only be able to transfer conversations to teammates who are assigned to the line the conversation is in.

Ok, Ok, but can I create an internal note that only my team sees? directly in the thread? What about tagging teammates in these notes so they get a notification?

Of course, you can! Just select the pin icon when composing a new message and the message will be private to your team. Yes! You can even tag teammates so they get a notification! Just type @ and select their name from the dropdown list to tag them. The teammate must be assigned to the line that the conversation is in though.

How many messages are included in my plan?

All plans include 1,000 messages per month. All outbound and inbound texts count as a message. All additional messages on your account are billed at the rate of $0.04 per message.

Can I send photos, videos, and documents? Do they cost more?

Yes! You can send photos, videos, and documents. Nope, they don’t cost any more than a normal message.

Can I schedule a message to go out at a later time?

Yes! Just head over to your “tools” and select “schedule”. Or draft your message as you normally would and click the clock icon instead of “send” and select the time and date you’d like your message to send.

What is I want to schedule a message to go out every week?

Sure, when scheduling a message just make it recurring and select the frequency.

Can I send a message to a group of people, like a group message where everyone is included in responses?

You sure can. You can include up to 10 recipients in a group message thread.

What about sending a message to a group of people but they don’t see the responses, like a BCC email?

Absolutely! This is a really powerful feature. To do this just go to “tools” and then “broadcast” to create your broadcast message. You can send it now, schedule it for later and ever add attachments.

When I send a broadcast message (like a BCC email), can I tag contacts to create lists and determine who the message will go to?

Why, yes… Actually, that’s exactly how it works. Uncanny!

How do I tag contacts?

You can tag individual contacts by going to a thread with them and adding the tag there or you can navigate to their contact card and add it there. But wait there’s more! You can go to the tag management tool (“tools” → “tags”) and add tags to multiple contacts at once. Misspelled “contract sant”? No problem, you can even edit a tag and it will update across all contacts. Whew, that was almost embarrassing! Unless you’re from the south, then I’m not sure what youins even talkin' bout…

Can I use Beetexting to spam people?

Um, no… No you can’t. Actually, if you try to, we’ll be quite upset and kick you off the platform. It’s all fun and games until someone doesn't play nice, then we get serious. Beetexting is a platform designed to text your customers and friends. It’s not a platform to load a list of numbers in and blast messages out to people you don’t know and who don’t expect a text from you.

How do I get contacts into Beetexting?

One of the best ways to get contacts into Beetexting is to publish your number and say text us! When someone texts you, they’ll be in your contacts! You can publish your number on your website, your Google My Places profile, Facebook profile, Instagram profile, put it in your email signature, on your business cards, rent a blimp and put it on there, get a tattoo (wait no, don’t get a tattoo of your number). etc, etc. you get the point. The more places you publish your number the more people will text you and the faster you’ll grow your database with what we believe to be the most valuable piece of data of the 21st century: the mobile phone number! Beetexting not only helps you leverage the most valuable data in the 21st century, we help you accumulate it too! …and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Can I bulk upload contacts?

Yes! You can bulk upload contacts easily. This is a great way to get a lot of contacts in to Beetexting with other great data like tags.