Request Payment via Text

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About Beetexting


Send invoices to customers over text. Beetexting has an integration with the highly popular and secure payment processor, Stripe.

Set Up Your Seller Account to Recieve Payment via Text

  1. The first thing you need to do is create an account with Stripe if you don’t have one.
  2. Once you have an account with Stripe you need to link your account to Beetexting, here’s how:
    1. Go to the Beetexting app on your desktop computer.
    2. Select ‘Settings’ in the left-hand column.
    3. Select ‘My Seller Account’ in the top row.
    4. Select ‘Add Seller Account’ and follow the instructions on the website.
  3. Now that your Stripe account is integrated with Beetexting, you can begin sending invoices/payment requests through Beetexting.
    1. Under your text box in your conversation, select the 4th icon from the right (a dollar bill). This is the icon for pay by text/contactless payment.
    2. A popup will appear with three fields to complete:
      1. Invoice # (optional).
      2. Bill description.
      3. Amount owed.
    3. Select ‘Send’.
    4. The contact will receive a link to Stripe for secure payment.
      1. Here’s an example: “Thank you for your order at Demo Co! Your total on invoice# 1234 is $ 10.00. Please use this one-time, secure contactless payment link to complete your order. Thank you! “