Request 5-Star Reviews via Text

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Setup your review site to request 5-star reviews from your customers via text.

Reviews are a tremendous help in growing your business. They are also difficult to collect! Send review requests to customers easily with the request review feature.

How to Set up Your Review Site

  1. Set up Your Review Site.
    1. Go to the Beetexting app on your desktop computer.
    2. Select ‘Tools’ from the left-hand column.
    3. Select ‘Reviews’ from the top row.
    4. Select ‘Add Review Site’.
      1. You need at least one review site enabled in order to use the request review feature.
    5. Choose the review site from the dropdown you’d like.
    6. Add your review URL to the text box.
      1. If you need help creating review links, this video/post will walk you through the process!
    7. Select ‘Create’.
    8. Repeat steps 4-6 for as many available review sites as you’d like to add.
  2. Set up Your Review Template
    1. Now that your review site is ready it’s time to add your template message to go with the link in your message.
    2. On the reviews page, select ‘Edit Review Template’.
    3. In the text box add the wording you’d like to accompany your review link.
      1. Here’s an example of something to say - “Thank you so much for using our services. Will you please take a minute to leave us a review of your experience? We appreciate you.
    4. Select ‘Save’.
  3. Using Your Request Review Feature
    1. Below your conversation text box is a series of feature icons. Select the third icon from the right (speech bubble with 4 little stars).
    2. A templated message with a link to your review sites will populate the text box.
    3. You can modify the message or leave it as-is. When you’re ready, select ‘Send’.