Send Your First Broadcast Message

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About Beetexting


Broadcast messages are mass messages sent through text to your opted-in customers and/or leads. Similar to email marketing, you create one message and send it to a large number of contacts who receive the message individually to their phone number.

How to Create a Broadcast Message

  1. Create a broadcast message
    1. Start by selecting ‘Tools’.
    2. Select ‘Broadcasts’.
    3. Then select ‘Create Broadcast’.
    4. Choose the phone number line you want your broadcast to come from when you send the broadcast message.
    5. Select which tag(s) you want your broadcast message to send to.
      1. Note: you can only send broadcast messages to people who have opted-in to receiving messages from you.
  2. If you choose more than one tag for your message, choose if you want your message to be more or less targeted.
    1. More targeted means the contact profile must have ALL the tags you’ve chosen listed in their profile to receive your message.
    2. Less targeted means that contacts must have at least one of your chosen tags to receive your message.
  3. Title: Create a title for your message. This will only be visible internally and will help you identify your broadcast message within the broadcast overview screen.
  4. Next, write your message. Messages have several features making them engaging to your recipients.
    1. Personalization: If you look above the text box to the right there are options to personalize your messages with the contact’s first name and/or businesses name.
    2. Below the text box is a series of different items you can add to your messages.
  5. Once you’re happy with the look of your message make sure to select the “opt-out” box for the appropriate opt-out messaging to be added to your message. You must also add the mandatory keyword HELP. Here’s an example for your opt-out language:
    1. “Reply HELP for more info or STOP to opt-out.”
    2. Note: You must create the keyword automation for HELP by following the instructions listed above.
  6. Choose when you’d like to send your message.
    1. Send now.
    2. Schedule for later.
  7. Choose whether you’d like your broadcast message to be recurring.
    1. If yes, then select this box. Choose how often you want your message to send from the options provided.
  8. Agree to the terms of use.
  9. Send/schedule your message now or save as draft.