Post Your Number

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About Beetexting


Now it's time to tell the world about your newly text-enabled number. Brainstorm how to implement your text-enabled number(s) into your individual work info, account info, customer support info, and sales/marketing info.

Ideas: Where to Post Your Number

  1. Email signature: Update your signature wherever you communicate (Outlook, Google, etc) to include your new number. Make sure to let people know they can text this number by listing it like this "Text/Call: 888-888-8888" or just "Text: 888-888-8888".
  2. Website: There are dozens of different ways to implement texting into your website. To begin, update the number on your contact page, homepage, footer, and wherever else you have your number posted on your website. Make sure to communicate they can text this number.
    1. Example: "Text/Call: 888-888-8888" or just "Text: 888-888-8888".
    2. NOTE: Beetexting has a plugin for WordPress sites!
  3. Business card
  4. Social profiles: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  5. Send to marketing as a CTA option
  6. Share on social media: Make a post announcing your exciting new text-enabled phone number and ask people to text you.
  7. Don't stop! Think through your individual business and where most people find your number to contact you. Post more places.