Set up Out of Office Automation

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About Beetexting


Create an out-of-office automation to let people know that you received their message and will reply during your business hours.

How to Create Your Out of Office Automation

  1. Open the Beetexting app on your desktop computer.
  2. Select "Tools" located in the left column.
  3. Select "Automations" from the top row.
  4. Select "Create Automation".
  5. Choose which line the automation is for.
  6. Title your automation "Out of Office Automation" (this is an internal title)
  7. In the purple conditions box choose the following:
    1. First drop-down box: "Time Is".
    2. Second drop-down box: "Outside of".
    3. Enter your business hours.
    4. Choose how many days of the week you'd like this automation to send automatic replies when a message is sent to you outside of business hours.
  8. In the white actions box choose "send reply immediately" for the drop-down box.
  9. Write your automation reply message.
    1. Example: "Hello! You've reached ABC Business outside of our normal business hours of Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM. We will return your message ASAP during our next business hours. Have a great day!"
  10. Turn your automation on.
  11. Select "Create".