How to Set Up Business Texting – Beetexting Playbooks

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What are Beetexting Playbooks?

Beetexting wants to help you get the most from your business texting experience; whether you’re just starting with Business Texting or ready to start texting your customers, Beetexting’s Playbooks are a great resource to learn about our features and use cases. With our getting started and setup resources, you can decide what you want to know about, how our features can best help your business, and how to implement these features within Beetexting.

Getting Started & The Basics Of

Beetexting’s “getting started” articles/videos are a great place to learn more about our features and several different use cases.


If you’re ready to start texting your customers, our Setup guides are designed with a use case in mind, featuring step-by-step instructions to get you texting with your customers.



Not sure how you want to text with your customers? No problem! Start here to understand what your customer will experience and get your feet wet within Beetexting. Then find another playbook below that fits your business to really dive in.

Playbook options:



Beetexting’s Promotional Playbook is designed to help you engage with your customers and spread the word about your business. You’ll learn more about sending Broadcasts with promotional messaging, managing your contacts through tags, and how to create unique customized lists to power Automation sequences that keep your business in touch with your customers.

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Customer Support

Beetexting provides an easy Customer Support solution with SMS texting. Beetexting’s Customer Support playbook highlights features that allow your team to claim, transfer, and resolve customer inquiries within a shared phone number. At the same time, notes help your customer support team collaborate without affecting the customer experience. Tools like templates offer a way to quickly respond to customers, ask for reviews, or answer any common questions.

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Account Management

Beetexting’s Account Management Playbook explains how our features help you manage and communicate with your contacts and new leads while keeping your team organized. Learn more about how tags are used to organize and manage contacts and how to use our Scheduled or Broadcasted Messages to help keep you in front of your customers. Templates are a powerful feature that can provide consistent responses to common questions or go even further with Pay-by-Text or requesting reviews.

Playbook options:


Outbound Sales

Beetexting and SMS text messaging can be a great addition to your outside sales efforts. Beetexting’s Outbound Sales Playbook will teach you how to gather consent to text with new leads and customers using automation, while Tags help you organize your contacts. Once you’ve gathered consent from your customers keep them informed with Broadcast Messages, Schedule that follow-up message in advance, or create message Templates to compliment your dialing efforts.

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Inbound Sales

Beetexting’s inbound sales tools help provide a more responsive customer experience, placing your customer first and making sure they feel appreciated. Learn how to create Keyword Opt-ins and automation to gather consent and better understand what your customer is looking for. With that information, we can kick off the conversation with information that is the most valuable to the lead. Round it off by learning how to create custom lists of contacts from these Keyword Opt-ins with Tags, then use the Broadcast messaging tool to keep folks up to date on whatever product or service they are interested in.

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Administrative Support

Stay organized and keep your customers happy with effective communication. Our Administrative Support Playbook teaches you how to use Tags and Notes to keep your team organized. Provide consistent messaging with your customers using Templates, easily collect payments with Pay-by-Text or use Request Reviews to gather all the great things your customers are saying about your business.

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Brand Engagement

Get your customers excited about your Brand with our Brand Engagement playbook! Gather Opt-ins and design specific keywords to create unique lists of contacts. Use Automations and Broadcast messages to provide updates to your contacts, allowing you to always keep them up-to-date with what is going on with your Brand.

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