Basics of Account Management

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About Beetexting


Learn how to use Beetexting for account management

Stay in touch with your customers by sending update texts, recognizing anniversaries or birthdays, and checking in to see if they need any help. Learn how to add tags, notes, and schedule check-in messages with your customers.

1. How to Add Tags and Notes to Your Customer Profiles

When a customer initiates a text conversation with you via your Beetexting number, adding a tag to their contact profile will help you identify them for future communication.

For this tutorial, begin by sending a text to your Beetexting number from your personal phone number. We’ll use this conversation thread for our example, and your personal number/contact information as our fake customer.

How to Add Tags

  1. Open the Beetexting app on your desktop computer (not on your mobile device).
  2. Navigate to the new conversation thread you began with yourself.
  3. Select your conversation and look to the right - you will see your contact profile.
  4. From the contact profile, there is a section for adding tags. Add a tag that identifies them as customers. Example: “Customer”
  5. Once you’ve added your tag, this saves on their contact profile indefinitely.

How to Add a Note to Your Customer’s Profile

  1. Located under the tags section you’ll notice a place to add notes. Use this area to add any special information about this specific customer.
  2.  Select “Add” underneath the text box once you’re done with your note. This note will be saved to the customer’s profile.

2. How to Schedule Messages to Customers

Scheduled messages are great tools for staying in touch with long-term customers and sending important reminders. With scheduling messages, you can write future messages and schedule for the day you’d like them to send.

  1. Go to the conversation thread you started with yourself. Below the text box at the bottom of the screen is a selection of features to choose from.
    1. Click on the small clock icon (sixth icon from the left) – this is the scheduled message feature.
  2. Once you’ve clicked on the icon a calendar will pop up. Choose a date and time you want your scheduled message to send.
  3. Select “Set”
  4. After selecting a day/time for your scheduled message, go to the text box and write your message.
  5. Select “schedule”