Getting Started with Inbound Sales

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About Beetexting


Use Beetexting to gather and engage with your inbound leads

Keywords are one way you may receive inbound leads. Follow these steps to learn how to create keyword automations that include tags and how to respond to your inbound leads.

1. Create Opt-In Keywords

A keyword opt-in is created so people can text you a specific keyword and automatically opt-in to receive texts from you.

How to Create Your Keyword Opt-In

  1. Open the Beetexting app on your desktop computer (not on your mobile device).
    • Select "Tools" in the left-hand column
    • Navigate to "Automations" in the top row
    • Select "Create automation"
  2. Title your automation (this is an internal title - no one else sees this outside the organization).
  3. For your conditions, change the dropdown to "Message Received" and "Exactly Matches".
    • Add your keyword. (A good keyword idea: "JOIN")
  4. Now it's time to add your actions - you are going to add two actions:
    • For your first action: change the dropdown to "Send a reply immediately".
      Write your reply in the text box provided.

      • Here's an example: “Thank you for your interest in XYZ company! We’re so glad you’re here. To serve you best, what services are you interested in? You can reply here. Msg&data rates apply. Reply STOP to opt-out or HELP for more info"
    • Next select "add action"
    • For your second action: add a tag action in order to keep track of all your contacts who have opted-in for promotional messages from you. Change the dropdown to "Add tag to contact immediately" and choose your tag.
      • A good tag word for leads: “Lead”
  5. Once you're done simply turn the automation ON and select "Create"

Great work! You've completed your first keyword opt-in for inbound leads.

2. Responding to Inbound Leads

  1. When your lead replies to your automated response for more information, it will appear in your conversations as an unread message.
  2. You’ll see the system has tagged them as a lead, and you can begin a one-on-one conversation over text by answering their questions, qualifying, and starting the sales process.