SMS in the Modern Recruitment Industry

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SMS in the Modern Recruitment Industry

Modern recruitment professionals face a unique set of challenges. 81% believe that hiring has become more challenging than just one year ago. It’s no wonder! Recruitment teams are being asked to do more with fewer resources than at almost any point in the last 10 years. Recruitment teams are expected to find, recruit, and hire the best employees, all while spending less, and having to say goodbye to many of their beloved team members. While the challenges are many, there is some hope.

In 2023, business-class texting has expanded rapidly throughout the recruitment industry. Recruitment teams – solo, in-house, and agency side- are all adopting this intuitive form of communication to screen large amounts of candidates, schedule meetings, program reminders, and follow up with talent.

Dive into our Beetexting’s latest white paper to uncover:

  • The current landscape of candidate engagement and the role timely, personalized SMS plays.
  • What powers the staggering 98% open rate of SMS, and 77% response rates Beetexting’s recruitment industry clients enjoy.
  • How Beetexting's advanced business texting app is reshaping the recruitment process, offering personalized messaging, targeted engagement, and optimized asynchronous candidate comms. 
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This white paper will help you manage the significance of personalization in SMS engagement, the wonders of keyword automation, and the crucial aspects of TCR compliance and data privacy that no business should ignore.  

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White Paper: The Role of SMS in Candidate Engagement