Enhanced Recruiting with AI-Powered Texting

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Enhanced Recruiting with AI-Powered Texting


At a time when candidates seem to have trouble finding work, and employers somehow struggle to fill roles, much can be said about the competing interests of potential employees and their employers. One thing candidates and corporate entities can agree on is the need for recruitment teams to continue creating positive candidate experiences.  

After taking the brunt of this year’s layoffs on the chin, recruitment teams are being asked to do more with less. As a result, recruiters are turning to technology to improve their communication with candidates, thereby expediting the recruitment process. While that’s a great thing, recruiters using advanced messaging tools without considering what they say to candidates during the recruitment process are doing themselves and their brands a disservice.

That’s why Beetexting developed the Communications Advocate AI feature. With it, the best recruiters can easily change the tone of their messages from quick, to thoughtful and considerate. What’s more, the time recruitment teams save by using Beetexting means more bandwidth to plan, allowing teams to leverage Campaign Features catered to specific industries, and in some cases, individual roles! 

Create SMS Campaigns to Improve Candidate Communications

With access to privileged candidate details, and knowledge of what exactly hiring managers are looking for, recruiters must steward that privileged position in guiding the right candidates to the teams they are hiring for. However, the sheer quantity of roles a recruiter is managing can lead to less experienced recruiters looking for shortcuts to a job done right. Whether it’s copying and pasting responses, bcc'ing multiple candidates regarding one opportunity, or notoriously “ghosting” underqualified candidates, the root of these behaviors is the same – a lack of time to communicate with each candidate.    

Fortunately, with Beetexting’s SMS Broadcast Campaign Feature, recruiters can create high-quality communication plans to reach candidates regarding any number of topics. In fact, it’s something the industry has already begun embracing. Today, recruitment agencies are using advanced SMS Broadcast Campaigns for everything from gauging initial interest in a particular role to SMS-based candidate screenings and call scheduling. The applications of SMS Broadcast Campaigns are nearly infinite. Even recruitment agencies that have to report on the number of candidates they’ve contacted, open rates, and response rates are seeing success, thanks to the out-of-the-box analytics included on the platform.  

Write Empathetic Texts to Candidates Using Our AI Tool

Recruitment teams – both in–house and agency side – are some of the most highly trusted professionals within an organization. The emotional intelligence many recruiters display is just one of the reasons for that. However, the recruitment industry includes many types of people, from diverse backgrounds, industries, cultures, and beliefs. With so many mixed personalities, it’s natural for potential misunderstandings to arise when communicating in written texts.  

Fortunately, Beetexting's Communication Advocate AI Tool is designed to ensure that texts resonate with the emotions and needs of the candidate. By understanding the sentiment behind each message, this tool helps recruiters craft empathetic and personalized responses. 

Business Text Messaging - Communication Advocate - Chat GPT

Whether it's acknowledging a candidate's application, providing feedback, or answering questions about a role, the Communication Advocate AI ensures that each interaction is meaningful and leaves a lasting positive impression. When combined with other Beetexting features like preplanned Broadcast Campaigns, Keyword Automation, or even Team Texting the power of the Communication Advocate AI becomes undeniable.  

SMS Broadcast Campaigns are a powerful way to address recurring candidate communications and streamline each step of the recruitment process. Recruiters taking advantage of this type of advanced SMS technology have the best chance of meeting their hiring goals and avoiding negative candidate experiences.

Beetexting’s Communications Advocate AI and Broadcast Campaign features are not just tools; they are comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern recruitment processes. By leveraging these features, recruiters can ensure a positive candidate experience, leading to better talent acquisition and a stronger employer brand. 

Have a use for Beetexting's AI-Powered Texts or Broadcast Campaigns?  

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