How Recruiters Use SMS Automation to Reduce Time-to-Hire

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How Recruiters Use SMS Automation to Reduce Time-to-Hire


In the fast-paced world of recruitment, efficiently using time and resources can be the difference between placing a candidate or watching them accept a role with your competitor. Recruiters are getting even smarter, and using artificial intelligence and automated solutions to cut down on repetitive tasks they need to do throughout the day.  

Using smart texting solutions like Beetexting, recruiters have been able to automate their screening processes, schedule calls, and even tag candidates for future roles. This takes their normal email communication processes and turns them into a gold mine of actionable insights via advanced SMS. Recruiters can then use this information to more effectively secure the best candidates for their roles.  

Use Keyword Automation to Screen Candidates Before Calls

One of the primary challenges recruiters face is screening a large pool of candidates to identify the most suitable ones for a particular role. With Beetexting’s Keyword Features, this process is made significantly easier.  

Recruiters can set up automated texts that prompt candidates to provide essential details such as:

  • Whether they need a Visa or have work authorization within the country;  
  • The desired compensation the candidate is seeking; 
  • Location preferences, whether they’re open to relocation or hybrid roles, and so much more!  

In any of these instances, recruiters can send automated texts asking candidates about their desired salary range or their willingness to relocate.

Based on the responses, the recruiter can set up additional questions to further qualify the candidate based on that previous list. From there, the recruiter can quickly shortlist candidates who meet the job's criteria, ensuring that only the most relevant candidates are taken to the next stage of the hiring process. All without ever having to spend time on the phone with unqualified candidates.  

Schedule a Screening Call with Potential Candidates

Once the initial screening is done, the next step is to engage with the shortlisted candidates. Beetexting's integration capabilities come into play here. By integrating with scheduling tools like Calendly or Zoom, recruiters can automate the process of setting up the first round of calls.

A simple text can prompt candidates to choose a suitable time slot for a call, all from within the Beetexting App. This leads to more efficient scheduling and reduces the time necessary for moving the candidate forward to a potential conversation with the hiring manager. This type of automated scheduling using SMS streamlines the entire interview process. That means recruiters can move more qualified candidates in front of the team they are hiring for, improving their ability to meet the candidate quotas set by their clients. 

Leverage our Contact Tagging System

Unfortunately, not every candidate is the right fit for a particular role. However, that doesn't mean they won't be suitable for a future position!   

Beetexting's Tagging Feature allows recruiters to categorize candidates based on various criteria. For instance, if a candidate has certain red flags, they can be tagged accordingly, and in extreme cases removed from all future recruitment campaigns. More often, a candidate responded something like “not open to remote roles” or “Salary must be over X threshold.” Tagging candidates with these types of notes ensures that recruiters are aware of potential issues when considering the candidate for future roles that have specific skill, location, or compensation-based requirements.  

On the flip side, if a candidate possesses specific skills or qualifications that make them a good fit for a role you need to fill quickly, then they can be tagged and sorted into relevant campaigns for that role. This type of detailed tagging not only streamlines the recruitment process for both parties, but it also creates greater opportunities for all, as it ensures that no potential talent is overlooked! 

Beetexting is quickly becoming a must-have for comprehensive recruitment strategies. By leveraging the unique features on our platform, recruiters can significantly reduce their time-to-hire, spending less time on basic screenings, and more time ensuring that they’re staying ahead of other talented recruiters desperate to bring the best personnel to their teams.  

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