SMS Marketing – How to Use Tags and Keyword Automations

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SMS Marketing strategy typically follows the same high-level concepts as other marketing campaigns but the tools that you use to achieve those strategies and outcomes are a little different. In this video, we’ll walk through what tags are and how to use them, as well as how to use Keyword SMS Automations within your marketing campaigns.  

For starters, whenever marketing, you need to obtain express written consent from whomever you are texting with before sending them promotional texts. Past that, you need to have an automated help message, as well as opt-out automation. Their written consent can come in the form of an automated keyword response, checkbox during sign up or supplying their information on a signup sheet. If you need help or have questions, reach out to your support line within Beetexting for help from our Customer Success Team.  


Tags are simply pieces of data that are assigned to contacts so you can quickly see how they relate to your business and marketing, as well as allow you to communicate with groups of people that share the same tag very easily. Tags are the foundation of broadcast messages, you can learn more about Broadcast Messages here: 

Examples of Tags 

Here are some common examples tags that you can apply to your customers within Beetexting: 

  • Product/Service 
    • EX: Managed Website, ERP, Carpet Cleaning, Gazebo, Consulting 
    • What product or service do they obtain through your company? 
  • Department 
    • EX: IT Services, Web Services, Marketing Services
    • What department(s) within your company do they interact with 
  • Industry/Vertical 
    • EX: ecomm, retail, insurance, landscaping 
    • Vertical or industry your customer falls within 
  • Relationship to your company 
    • EX: Prospect, Lead, Customer 
    • Communicate with customers and prospects alike, all in one place 
  • Job Role 
    • EX: CEO, IT Director, Office Manager 
    • Straight forward, what do they do? This allows you to get specific with your marketing content 
  • Sign up/purchase Date  
    • EX: FB Aug 2021, Customer 2020, Aug 2021 
    • When did they sign up for marketing or become a customer? Keep track so you can say thank you or see how certain marketing campaigns performed 
  • Sales/Marketing Funnel Stage 
    • EX: Demoed, Marketing Intent, Purchase 
    • Where do they stand in the evolution of your relationship? What meetings have they attended or marketing campaigns have they interacted with? 

Keyword Automations 

Keyword automations are automations that are triggered when a contact sends a certain keyword to your number. You can set up automations to reply to the message you received or even add a tag to that contact. We’ll discuss the automations you might set up with your SMS marketing. 

Examples of how to use Keyword Automations  

  • Attribution: You can use multiple automations with different keywords to help establish attribution. You can have multiple automations for your digital campaigns, print campaigns or event sign-ups so you can see what is garnering you the most traction
    • Example: 
      • Text “FB Deals” to (###)###-#### to receive text messages regarding new monthly deals! 
        • Tag: Facebook Aug 2021 
      • Text “Local Deals” to (###)###-#### to opt-in to receive your special discount code! 
        • Tag: Local Print Aug 2021 
      • Text “Chicago Expo” to (###)###-#### to be contacted by a sales representative 
        • Tag: Chicago Expo 2021
  • Product, Service, or LOB: Set up unique campaigns tailored to the individual’s interest in a specific product or service. Say you’re business is selling web services and IT services, use separate keywords to keep marketing concise and effective 
    • Example 
      • Text “New Website” or “Better IT” to (###)###-#### to start the conversation for a better-digitized business. 
        • Tag: Web Services, IT Services, Prospect 
      • Text us at (###)###-#### using the keyword “Commercial” or “Personal” to get a quote on new roofing for your business or home.  
        • Tag: Commercial, Personal 
      • To receive text message updates on new bike stock, text “bike” to (###)###-#### or text “accessories” to the same number to receive notifications on accessory sales going on within the store 
        • Tag: Accessories, New Bike 
  • Having tags that always sustain within your system is a must. Keep track of the services they use, their role within the company, or whatever categories/tags make sense for you. Pairing those sustaining tags with tags that give you unique insight into the individual can enable you to become as targeted as you'd like in your marketing. This can lead to more cost-effective marketing.
    •  Example
      • Set up a unique keyword responder for whatever marketing campaigns you have active.
        • Tag: Facebook Aug 2021
      • Change the keyword periodically to segment all of your contacts in a way that allows you to see where you are getting the most marketing results.
        • Tag: Change tag to "Facebook Sept 2021"