Using Advanced SMS to Improve Efficiency in Logistics

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Using Advanced SMS to Improve Efficiency in Logistics

Whether your logistics business manages shipping for an e-commerce giant or long hauls for multinational corporations, the mandate placed on logistics leaders is the same: make sure shipments get to their destination on time, intact, and without spending too many financial, human, or natural resources. Forward-thinking supply chain leaders know there are many ways to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction while attempting to meet this industry wide mandate.

Advanced SMS platforms like Beetexting can help logistics businesses automate many parts of the communication process to collect essential information, share important logistical updates, and follow up regarding payments and form completion.  

Use Automated SMS to Collect Basic Client Details

While digital record keeping systems allow logistics teams to alter records on the fly, collecting accurate client details from the start is important to set clients on the best path forward. Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to shipping delays, misplaced goods, and unsatisfied customers. Beetexting's Automated Response feature offers the logistics industry a better way to automate parts of their detailed record collection.

By using automated SMS prompts, logistics companies can collect essential client details such as delivery addresses, contact numbers, and preferred delivery times. This ensures accuracy and expedites the data collection process. Upon receiving a shipment booking, an automated text is sent to the client requesting confirmation of their details. This immediate engagement ensures there's no communication lapse and minimizes errors. These details are tied to the customer’s phone number. And because the process is automated, answers are stored in uniform data fields which are easily updated via automated confirmation texts.

By collecting client details via automated SMS prompts, and closing that sequence with a summary of the details, your team can be confident they have the right contact and delivery details – saving your business time and money in the process. 

Set Reminder Texts to Send Important Logistical Information

Timely communication is crucial in the logistics industry. Whether it's informing clients about shipment arrivals, dispatch details, or potential delays, staying proactive can make all the difference.

With Beetexting, logistics companies can send customized texts to all clients, updating them on important logistical information. For example, a logistics company can set up personalized texts to inform clients of their estimated delivery date and tracking number Any potential delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather or labor strikes, no longer delay your Customer Support team’s progress either. Simply create a mass text or a campaign for ongoing issues, and program the platform to message all affected parties.

This type of proactive SMS communication keeps clients informed and builds trust, enhancing their overall customer experience. 

Follow-Up via SMS for Outstanding Payments and Missing Forms

Most types of shipping or supply chain management processes involve various forms of documentation and payments. Keeping track of outstanding payments, missing forms, or incomplete documentation can be a daunting task. However, with Beetexting's Advanced Texting Platform, logistics companies can streamline this process.

By setting up automated follow-up texts, companies can remind clients of outstanding payments or request missing documents. For instance, if a client hasn't completed a required customs declaration form, an automated text can be sent as a reminder. Similarly, for outstanding payments, a gentle SMS reminder can prompt clients to settle their dues, ensuring smooth financial operations. 

Logistics companies are already starting to benefit from advanced SMS platforms like Beetexting. By automating communication processes using advanced SMS, your business can ensure timely reminders are sent, streamline data collection, and enhance operational efficiency 

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