SMS Campaigns for Recruiters: Part Three

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SMS Campaigns for Recruiters: Part Three


In this third and final installment of our series, SMS Campaigns for Recruiters, we dive deeper into strategies that not only attract potential candidates, but also demonstrate how recruiters are uniquely positioned to aid them on their job-hunting journeys. Because the recruitment industry is so demanding of its professionals, professional email companies like HubSpot, and professional texting companies like Beetexting have stepped in to give recruitment teams the tools they need to communicate more efficiently with candidates. While that efficiency is great, it can also mean a greater volume of competing messages for candidates to manage.  

In addition to creating personalized messages and thoughtful SMS campaigns, recruiters must quickly make clear to candidates exactly how they add value. In doing so, recruitment teams can be more confident that candidates will trust their recommendations and become willing partners throughout the interview process.  

Add Value to Candidates in Every Text

The recruitment landscape has evolved, and so have the expectations of candidates. Good recruiters know that basic SMS marketing principles will serve them well in establishing how they add value to the candidate’s recruitment process. As a platform, Beetexting empowers recruiters to not only connect with candidates but to also guide them toward realizing their potential. Recruitment teams can do this by engaging promising candidates in one-to-one professional text messaging conversations on industry-specific trends and what hiring managers are actively seeking. 

 These insider texts on specific industry roles accomplish two things. First, they position recruiters as trusted advisors to the candidate, as they begin to realize the recruiter has access to information that may not be readily available online. Sharing this type of information about particular roles also benefits the hiring team, as candidates come better prepared to discuss the most relevant skills and training on their resume.  

Likewise, recruiters can use keyword automation to create sequences that handle inbound requests from potential candidates– while guiding them toward new and relevant information. That gives recruiters the opportunity to create value for each candidate in additional ways. For instance, a candidate eyeing the tech sector would benefit immensely from understanding the latest in AI or cloud computing.  

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By creating a workflow to respond to a request like “Is the ‘engineering’ role still open?” recruiters could then program SMS messages with helpful content, other roles, or even an automated response regarding the specific role the candidate has asked about. That extra level of care establishes trust with the candidate and reinforces the value that a particular recruitment team brings to the table.  

Monitoring and Adjusting SMS Campaigns

While recruitment teams create their SMS campaigns with the best of intentions, not every message will resonate with the candidates. Beetexting, offers out-of-the-box analytics that allows recruiters to adopt a data-driven strategy to professional texting with candidates. That allows recruiters to discern which messages strike a chord and which CTAs need new directions.  

As we wrap up this series, it's important to remember the future of professional texting in the recruitment industry is full of both highly personalized and adaptive content. Those recruiters who fail to continue iterating will remain ignored and untrusted by potential candidates. 

Fortunately, Beetexting, is more than just a test messaging service for businesses; it is a strategic partner in navigating the complexities of modern recruitment via SMS. With industry-specific SMS campaigns, recruitment teams can not only reach but also resonate with their target audience.  

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