Using AI-Powered Texting to Close Sales

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Using AI-Powered Texting to Close Sales

Most competitive businesses – whether online or traditional brick-and-mortar – are using professional texting to communicate with current and future customers. And while the strong economic headwinds of the late 2010s made for easy sales, consumers are now grappling with many financial challenges.  Now more than at any point since 2020, sales professionals, especially in expensive industries like phone or car reselling, need to approach their audience with empathy and precision. Beetexting's suite of features, including the Communication Advocate AI, empower resellers to craft thoughtful messages, efficiently categorize customers, and swiftly communicate offers, freeing up valuable time for core sales activities. 

Use the Communication Advocate AI to Connect with Customers

Trust in the people and businesses they buy from is important to consumers. Some customers seek value, while others chase luxury. Some view their purchases as investments, while others see them as indulgences. Unfortunately, misreading these motivations can jeopardize a sale. Highly motivated salespeople will also need to manage SMS conversations with many consumers. Naturally maintaining a consistent tone can become difficult for even the best resellers when there are myriad motivations behind a consumer’s purchase. The Communication Advocate AI can help sellers decipher the sentiment behind each customer’s text message, guiding salespeople to craft messages that are in line with the customer’s intended purchasing motivations.  

Recognizing Timing in Sales Texts

The art of sales is as much about 'when' as it is about 'what'. Recognizing the rhythms of consumer demand throughout the year can be a game-changer, particularly in SMS based sales. Whether it's tapping into the festive spirit or capitalizing on a seasonal trend, Beetexting's platform allows resellers to tailor their messages to these ebbs and flows. For instance, a car reseller could highlight the benefits of a new model during peak buying seasons, while a phone reseller could emphasize the advantages of upgrading an old device during tech launches. By infusing their messages with expertise on things like when it’s best to buy a specific item for the best prices, or even a touch of fun acknowledging the holidays, resellers can stand out in a crowded market. After all, who wouldn't appreciate a timely tip on when to replace an old phone or a nugget of wisdom on the best time to invest in a new car?   

Beetexting's SMS features are not just tools; they're strategic ammunition in the quest for sales excellence. By understanding consumer motivations and recognizing the importance of seasonality, sales professionals can craft business class text messages that not only inform but also inspire consumers to invest in the things that bring them joy, fulfill a need, or are just a plain old solid investment to last a lifetime.  

Ready to elevate your sales strategy? Dive into Beetexting and discover the difference thoughtful communication can make. 

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