How to Implement Business Text Messaging in 2023

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Everything you need to know before implementing SMS business text messaging

You’ve decided to implement business text messaging this year. Great choice! Texting is one of the fastest growing trends for both customer success and sales/marketing teams.

Customers want a more personal and interactive experience with your brand

60% of customers want to actively write back to businesses for customer support issues (G2).

Consumers also want the option to initiate support requests through text: 43% of consumers said they have proactively texted a business (G2).

And for marketing and sales, 85% of consumers prefer to receive an SMS over a voice call or an email.

SMS is an effective communication tool for building relationships with your customers and turning more leads into customers. There are so many ways to integrate SMS into your business!

How different industries are using business SMS

Businesses are adopting SMS to help increase results for their customer support, marketing, sales, and administration teams. Take a look at the different ways these industries are using SMS for their businesses:

Professional Services

Customer retention is a major priority for businesses such as Insurance agencies, law firms, CPAs, banks, and financial planners/advisers to be profitable. Customers tend to stay with the same professional services business for many years, and gaining new customers isn’t easy.

Professional service businesses find success in increasing client retention through building authentic relationships with their clients. Expressing genuine interest and care for your clients forges solid relationships and makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build these authentic client relationships – people have demanding schedules and are avoiding phone calls at a higher rate than ever before.

SMS is the perfect communication tool for building connections - it’s fast, easy, and relational by nature. It’s the perfect medium for easily checking in with clients on a regular basis. Sending short, simple text messages reminds your clients that you’re here for them when they need you.

Dig Deeper: How to implement text messaging for insurance agents and agencies

Top SMS features for professional service businesses:

Retail and Ecommerce

The retail industry was some of the first to adopt business SMS, now with over 23% utilizing SMS marketing. In addition, Attentive Mobile reported that for every dollar their retail clients spend on SMS marketing, they saw a $71 return.

SMS business text messaging software is incredibly robust and flexible. Large retailers like Target and small retailers at your local farmers' markets both see impressive results from their SMS marketing efforts.

Some ways that retailers are using SMS marketing include loyalty programs, new product releases, discount codes, seasonal sales, and customer service.

Top SMS features for retail and ecommerce:

Healthcare Services

Healthcare requires a high level of administrative organization in order to be efficient and use their provider’s time wisely. Administrative staff are responsible for checking in patients, scheduling appointments, gathering important information, and returning phone calls to name a few.

It’s safe to say that administrative staff are usually stretched thin and with current staffing shortages and increased patient demand, they need every tool available. SMS text messaging for healthcare provides several solutions to support healthcare administration and providers.

Some ways that healthcare uses SMS include appointment confirmation, reminders, and health screenings.

Top SMS features for healthcare:

Whatever industry you're in and whatever size your business, SMS text messaging can improve your communication and help your teams stay organized.

4 Things to Consider Before Implementing SMS for Your Business

Identify different departments of your business where implementing business SMS may be useful. Some areas to evaluate may include customer support, sales, marketing, administration, and accounting.

Next, consider how you might use SMS for each department you identified above (we call these use cases). For example – a sales department selling a monthly service might use the Beetexting deep Calendly integration to allow people the ability to schedule meetings with their sales representatives.

You also want to review the compliance laws for business SMS before implementation. The laws in place for businesses using texting are important to understand and follow. Read this article outlining the consent laws for business SMS text messaging.

Lastly, determine the best time of year to implement a new system for your business that will provide the highest adoption rate. If you run a seasonal business it's best to wait for your slow season to implement a new system like business text messaging.

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