Beetexting Release Notes: 2-2-24

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This release provides the capability to create contacts with international country codes, the Power Apps feature, improved sign up process, enhancements to both billing management and permission options, as well as bug fixes. 

What’s New 

  1. International Country Codes 
    1. You can now create create contacts within Beetexting that have international phone numbers. International phone numbers will be saved correctly if a message is received, or you can add a country code when creating a contact.
    2. Instructions: When composing a new message or creating a contact, use the “+” symbol to access the international code selector.
  2. Power Apps
    1. A new option available in the message tray beneath the compose field that allows you to quickly access your links from across your apps This initial version gives you access to any documents you’ve sent thru Beetexting Connected power apps will continue to expand over time. More to come soon! 
  3. Enhanced Sign Up Flow
    1. We have added a form to the sign up flow that allows people to provide additional business information if they choose to do so. This information will be used to customize the content and resources we provide to new accounts.
  4. Enhanced Billing Management
    1. You can now select the individual that should receive invoices. You can now also remove any old billing information from your account through the Beetexting interface.
  5. Enhanced Permission Options
    1. We have added the permissions options for the ability to add/edit tags as well add/edit notes associated with a contact.

Bug Fixes 

Multiple bug fixes are available with this release.

How to Update 

To update Beetexting to the latest version, log in to your Beetexting account. If you are already logged in, you should be prompted to update upon opening the application. If you sign in again, the application will automatically update once your credentials are approved. You can prompt the update by signing out and signing back in if need be.  


Thank you for choosing Beetexting!