Beetexting Release Notes: 12-18-23

2 min read


This release focuses on new functionality; including First Text Received automation condition and the dialing shortcut, as well as bug fixes. 

What’s New 

  1. First Text Received automation condition 
    1. You can now create an automation that will trigger the first time a text is received from a contact. 
    2. Instructions: While creating or editing an automation, use the condition drop down to select First Text Received. 
  2. Dial a Contact Shortcut 
    1. Easily dial a contact using your preferred telephony application while within Beetexting. 
    2. Instructions: Select the phone icon within the contact card to dial that contact. Set a default telephony application to automatically dial out using your preferred system within your browser. 
  3. Send a Text Automation: Zapier 
    1. New action available from Beetexting within Zapier; Send text message. 
    2. Instructions: After creating a Zapier account and connecting Beetexting, user can select Send text message action. User must set the field the text will be sent to as well as the phone number that should be used to send the message. 

Bug Fixes 

We’ve addressed several issues to ensure a smoother experience, including: 

Issue causing delivery delay to not delay a message sending under certain circumstances has been addressed.  

Fixes were made to prevent certain images being sent via MMS from being cropped or over-compressed.  

How to Update 

To update Beetexting to the latest version, log in to your Beetexting account. If you are already logged in, you should be prompted to update upon opening the application. If you sign in again, the application will automatically update once your credentials are approved. You can prompt the update by signing out and signing back in if need be.  


Thank you for choosing Beetexting!