Communicate Easily with Your Clients and Colleagues with SMS for Law Firms

SMS text messaging for law firms helps you communicate more effectively with clients and share information faster with colleagues.

Get Faster Responses from Your Legal Clients Using SMS Text Messaging.


of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them.

Source: Dynmark


of consumers would like to receive service notifications via text.

Source: G2


of consumers check their phones within 30 minutes of waking up.

Source: G2


of text messages get responses versus only 6% of emails.

Source: Statista


Schedule Appointments and Send Reminders

Schedule appointments with legal clients and prospects more efficiently. Share your calendar through the one-on-one communication feature. Then create a scheduled follow-up reminder text to send the day before your appointment to reduce missed appointments - your clients will thank you for the reminder!

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Keep Legal Staff Informed and Share Case Information

Your legal staff work simultaneously on client cases and need access to files, conversations, deadlines and more. You can share, transfer, and allow others to view your conversations through your team dashboard on the Beetexting app.


Increase Your Law Firm's Marketing ROI

Phone numbers are difficult to remember on a billboard and fewer people want to share their email addresses. Use easy-to-remember keywords in your marketing campaigns allowing prospects to simply text you for more information and to schedule a meeting. Create SMS text marketing campaigns such as message relays, text sequences, and more.


Connect with Legal Clients Quickly

Get in touch with legal clients quickly using text. While emails and phone calls are okay, studies show that over 98% of text messages are read three minutes after receiving them. This makes texting the perfect way to get information to clients quickly and effectively using the one-on-one communication feature.

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