Provide Quick Access to Help with Texting

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About Beetexting


When your customers have simple questions or need help, they want quick and easy access to you. Texting provides the optimal solution for fast communication that is universally preferred over emails and phone calls. There are many instances that phone calls are necessary for complex questions and involved conversations but texting is a great solution for asking basic questions, and often cultivates higher customer satisfaction.

Texting allows customers to send their inquiries to you and then continue working on another task while waiting for your response.  Since over 98% of text messages are read, they trust you will see it and respond. Its naturally simplistic communication style often allows more personable communication building deeper relationships.

How to Keep it Professional

Before business-grade text messaging was widely available, many business owners and sales representatives etc. had been texting their customers from their private phone numbers.

In turn, they created deeper relationships with customers and won more sales, but they quickly experienced the downside to using your personal number for business communication:

  1. If a customer becomes unhappy you can’t escape their displeasure after work hours.
  2. You have no system to organize your sales or customer account conversations.
  3. When you change job roles or careers your previous employer doesn’t have records of your conversations leaving them in a disadvantaged situation. Also, customers from your previous job keep texting you.
  4. No separation between work and personal life. Customers text you at all hours.

With the right texting platform, all these problems disappear.  Beetexting is business-grade text messaging through an app on your phone or computer. All your conversations stay within the app. To make it even better, your current business phone number can be enabled to receive text messages via the Beetexting app. Simply let your customers know that you are available to them via text from your business number whenever they have questions or need quick help. No need to give out your personal number.

If you have multiple sales or account reps, you can enable separate numbers for each of them under one Beetexting account, so you aren’t sharing the same number. Being available to customers through text deepens customer loyalty and embeds positive feelings about your brand.

You can offer this type of preferred communication to your customers without sharing your personal number. Beetexting’s features provide everything you need to set healthy boundaries and keep customer information where others can locate it. Here are some ideas:

  1. Only give customers your business number and communicate that it's text-enabled.
  2. Determine what days and times you are available to your customers for texting – communicate those specific times.
  3. Use autoresponders to reply immediately to customers when they text you outside of your designated texting hours.
  4. Integrate your Beetexting account with your CRM. All your text communication with customers is easily accessible to colleagues.

Texting for Your Customer Support Team

Does your business have a team dedicated to customer support? Add texting to the mix to delight your customers with fast and easy text messaging.

Customers text their questions to your support number and get help through text. It feels simple and immediate to your customer and Beetexting makes it easy for your team to organize and respond. Using the Beetexting platform you can answer, tag, share, and transfer customer support conversations amongst your team.

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