Leverage SMS to Increase Client Retention

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About Beetexting


Customer happiness is one of the hardest things to accomplish in business. Text messaging can help your business improve its customer experience and retain more clients.

Studies show that it's 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase revenue by 25-95%. (Hubspot)

It's a constant balancing act deciding where to focus your resources. You know customer retention is critical, but you also need to scale your business if you're going to increase profits. Businesses are struggling to maintain good customer retention rates while growing their business.

Business text messaging for teams can help you increase customer retention more efficiently.

Good Communication is Critical

There are several pillars to successfully retaining customers and one critical pillar is communication.

How you interact with customers, how quickly, and with what tone are some of the MOST important aspects to increasing your customer retention.

SMS text messaging for business offers you a more personal way to communicate with your customers that's more effective and less time-consuming.

Your customers will feel...

  • Taken care of with fast response times
  • Better informed with client communications coming straight to their phones
  • Respected and heard, by customer success teammates utilizing built-in emotional intelligence

Fast Response Times

Studies show that people prefer hearing from brands through text than a phone call.

Texting is great because it allows your team to respond fast to customers and customers feel like they have fast access to your customer success team. Also, they aren’t tied to a website or phone call while getting their questions answered or resolving their support request. They can continue working on other things while simultaneously working with support to resolve their concerns.

Work together with shared inboxes

With shared inboxes, your entire customer success team can monitor your phone number’s support line for incoming support requests. With collaboration tools such as claiming conversations and internal notes, your team can successfully work together.

Features: one-to-one communication, shared inbox

Client-wide Communication

Sometimes you need to send a message to all your customers. Traditionally, these messages are communicated over email but unfortunately email open rates are pretty low, and emails are notoriously missed.

Texting open rates are impressive at 95% read within 3 minutes of receiving a message. (Dynamark)

Make sure clients see your important messages.  Your client-wide communication will go straight to their phones increasing the chance they see your message.

Feature: Broadcast messaging

Holidays and Out-of-Office Automations

Set up automations to send an automatic text reply to customers if they text you during holidays or outside of business hours.

Your customers will appreciate a fast response letting them know you’ll respond to their message ASAP when you return to the office.

Bonus: your customer success team gets the off-time they deserve without coming back to the office to unhappy customers.

Feature: out-of-office automations

Handling Tense Conversations

On occasion, customers are frustrated or confused when they are reaching out to your customer success team. It’s easy for emotions to cause people to respond quickly and without grace. It’s your responsibility to provide your team with tools to help them combat these difficult situations.

One poor customer support experience can cost you a customer for life.

Built-in emotional intelligence software helps your team slow down and respond to frustrating situations with a positive and helpful tone that if full of patience and grace.

How this works: when you send a response the app will take a few seconds before sending the message to ask you if you responded in a way that was full of grace and patience? It gives you time to reword your response if necessary.

Feature: communication advocate

Track Customer Happiness

Stay informed about your customers' overall happiness and make corrections where necessary. Create a review template to send customers after interacting with your customer success team. These reviews help you reward representatives who are doing a great job, redirect reps who need better training, and understand how clients are feeling.

Additionally, use more in-depth tracking with Beetexting called The Good Listener Report. This report analyzes how often you are talking in a conversation compared to how often you are listening and trying to understand your customer well.

Feature: Request reviews by text, good listener report

SMS for Client Retention

Start using SMS to increase retention - text DEMO to 309-605-0390 to see Beetexting in action and schedule a demo.

Your customers will be so happy you did.