Improve Your Meeting Success with Calendly Advanced Workflows

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About Beetexting


Your sales and marketing team works hard managing the sales funnel from cold lead to happy customer: collecting leads, reaching out, staying in touch, scheduling meetings, and closing deals.

60% of customers say "no" four times before saying yes. (Invesp) and customers need to see or hear your brand's message at least 7 times before making a purchase.

Successful teams understand a sales funnel requires organization and structure in order to continually add new leads and churn out new customers.

Automations are one tool that teams use to help automate portions of the sales funnel.

SMS Automations for Teams

Automations are a technology that automates messages and other functions on a pre-determined condition and are triggered by a chosen action.

SMS is incredibly effective with its high open rate (98%) and personal tone. SMS automations are a powerhouse for getting better results with less repetitive work.

Calendly Advanced Workflows


Calendly is a tool used by teams to schedule appointments and events.

Sales and marketing teams use Calendly to book appointments with prospects by sending prospects a link to a calendar allowing them to choose a time that works for them to meet.

Beetexting's deep integration with Calendly combines the power of SMS automation with the easy scheduling functionality of Calendly - making appointment scheduling a breeze. The integration allows you to create more advanced and personalized workflow sequences than are available with Calendly alone.

  • Tagging
  • Meeting reminder texts are delivered from your number
  • Recipients can reply to your text messages and interact with you
  • Reminder messages are automated to send at specific times that you choose.

Increase Meeting Success

A big pain point for many sales and marketing teams is missed meetings.

The Calendly integration helps increase meeting success. Meeting reminders are automated, personalized, and interactive. You don't have to remember to send meeting reminders - automation does the work for you. And prospects are more likely to see your reminder messages and respond directly to you if they need to make a change.

Here's an example scenario for one way you might use the Calendly integration to increase meeting success...

You are a financial adviser, and your sales cycles are typically longer and require several touches including meetings before a prospect decides to use your services.

Your team has an ongoing SMS automation that regularly sends text message updates and information to your prospects.

One of your automated messages includes a call to action to meet with you for a free financial review and has a link to your Calendly calendar.

Your prospect booked a meeting with you. This triggers your Calendly advanced workflow sequence - here's what that might look like:

  • They automatically receive a confirmation text from you that the meeting has been booked.
  • Their profile in Beetexting is tagged to help you identify them later.
  • 24 hours before the meeting they receive a reminder text from you.
  • 1 hour before the meeting they receive a reminder text from you.
  • 5 hours after the meeting, they receive a thank you text from you.

Ideas for Your SMS Messaging

  • Give them the opportunity to reschedule
    • “Hi John, I’m looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow! Does tomorrow still work for you? If not, you can reschedule here: LINK”
  • Communicate what you plan to cover
    • “Hi John, I’m looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow! Please have with you information about your current savings as well as some ideas for savings goals.”
  • Sending valuable information after the meeting
    • “It was great meeting with you today! I’ve attached our brochure with several success stories from individuals like you.”

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