Follow-up Messages for Customer Happiness

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Customer happiness and retention are important to your business’s success. Your customers want quality products and services from businesses that care about their happiness and well-being. Texting is a powerful tool to deepen relationships with your customers – it’s easy, fast, and effective. Follow-up messages are one way to leverage texting to increase your customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Follow-up Messages

A follow-up message is a text message you send to your customer a pre-determined amount of time after the transaction of a product or service. Follow-up messages are used in various ways for promotions, reviews requests, surveys, and more.

This use case is focusing specifically on using follow-up messages to increase customer happiness for businesses that sell high-end products or provide any type of service.

Follow-Up Message Examples

Here are some scenarios of how to send follow-up messages.

For Trade and Professional Services:

John from ABC Plumbing installed a new garbage disposal for a customer on Monday. The next morning John sends his customer a follow-up message:

“Hi, Katie – this is John from ABC Plumbing. I’m following up on yesterday’s job to make sure you are happy with the install and ask if you have any questions?”

For Products:

Ken from Ken’s Car Dealership sold a used 2019 Honda Civic to Tim on a Friday morning. The next business day Ken sends Tim a follow-up message:

“Hi, Tim – this is Ken from Ken’s Car Dealership. I’m following up on the 2019 Honda Civic you purchased Friday. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks again for your business.”

These messages show customers you care about providing quality service or products by offering them the opportunity to voice any concerns. It’s also a great proactive tool for keeping your online reviews positive and curbing any poor word of mouth by resolving customer dissatisfaction early.

In most cases, the customer won’t have any concerns, and everything is working great! They feel cared for and will likely call/visit you for future needs.

How to Use Follow-Up Messages in the Beetexting App

Use your Beetexting account to send follow-up messages.

  1. Create a template for quick and easy follow-up messages. (Tip: integrate your Beetexting account with your CRM to more easily personalize messages!)
    1. Open the Beetexting app on your desktop computer
    2. Click on "tools" in the left-hand column
    3. Once on the tools page, click on "Templates" from the top bar
    4. Once on the Templates page, click "Create Template"
    5. Write your follow-up message (example: Hi [firstname] – this is (NAME) from (YOUR BUSINESS). I’m following up on yesterday’s service visit to make sure you are happy with everything and see if you have any questions?)
    6. Once you are happy with your message, click "Create Template"
    7. Now you can find this template in your saved templates to send quick and easy follow-up messages to customers.
  2. Schedule a time each business day via your calendar of choice to send follow-up messages to your customers from the day before.
  3. Add your customer's name (if it doesn't populate on its own) and anything else specific from their transaction into the template and send.
  4. Done! It’s that easy, and it makes a big difference.

Integrate Your Account

Did you know Beetexting integrates with several major CRMs including Hubspot? Integrate your account for a more seamless messaging experience with your customers!

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