Automated Sales Campaigns to Increase Your Close Rate

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The term automation is commonplace in marketing and sales. We use automation regularly for email marketing campaigns, social media accounts, out-of-office messages, and more. SMS automation brings together the convenience of automation with the high readability rates of SMS. In this article, we discussed how to use SMS to follow up with your sales leads while they’re in the decision-making process. While follow-ups are a necessary component to a successful sales cycle, automation allows you to work smarter by keeping your prospects engaged with minimal effort from you. Using both manual follow-up messages and automation will improve your sales close rates.

Broadcast Automation

This is the type of automation that is most useful for salespeople attempting to stay relevant to prospects and close more sales. These sales leads are added to a broadcast list using tags. If you’ve ever received a series of emails from a business each a few days apart for a certain period of time that was most likely email automation. SMS automation works the same way except the messages are sent via text instead of email.

Ideas for Your Broadcast Automation Messages

Broadcast automation is a great way to keep sales leads engaged in your business and aware of your offerings. They work for every vertical whether B2B or B2C.

Here are some campaign types:

  • Re-engagement for sales leads that have gone cold.
  • Introduction campaign helping interested prospects better understand your offering.
  • Sales/seasonal offers to entice customers to purchase from your retail store.

Topic ideas:

Use a combination of the ideas below to create multi-message automation to deliver SMS messages to your prospects every couple of days. You can schedule your messages closer together or further apart depending on your audience.

  • Highlight statistics that show customers the benefit of your offering.
  • Promote your most popular features.
  • Share testimonials or client success stories.
  • Offer a code or discount on your offering.
  • Offer a “free coffee” gift card or coupon to customers to entice them to re-engage with you.
  • Promote an event or ask for a meeting to catch up.

How it Works

There are two important setup steps before you can start your automation.

1. Add Tags to Your Contact Profiles

    1. Choose a tag that accurately identifies the group of people you’d like to target (such as “new lead” or “prospect” or “cold” for example). Add this tag to the contacts’ profiles.
    2. Note: for new accounts, this may feel time-consuming adding tags to each profile. To make future campaigns more efficient make sure to add/remove tags to contact profiles each time you interact with them.

2. Create Messages and a Timeline

    1. Draft your messages and determine how often you want contacts to receive a message from you and for how long.
    2. Example: John at ABC Plumbing is creating 4 messages to send to his sales leads from the last 12 months, and he is going to send them every 3 days. (Watch the video below for a short tutorial on how to set up an automation in Beetexting. You can have 1 or 20 messages in your automation! It’s your choice – there are no limits.)

Get Started

Beetexting helps you connect with your sales leads in a meaningful way. It’s easy to use and effective. For more ideas on how to use Beetexting for your sales automation or questions about how Beetexting can help your business text 309-605-0390 to talk with a Beetexting representative.