Three Simple Features for Great Customer Service

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About Beetexting


The Beetexting platform provides a robust environment for you to tackle customer needs with your teammates together in one space under one number. The app has everything necessary to organize incoming messages, client needs, and keep things organized so nothing is overlooked.

How Beetexting Business Text Messaging for Teams Works

Here's an example:

Ben is a Beetexting client, and he owns a small tax business with two other CPAs. Together with his CPA partners, they have 4 administrative staff (Jason, Sophia, Alex, and Noah) to assist with client needs, incoming paperwork, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more.

Their main phone line is text-enabled so clients can easily communicate with staff and get updates, notices, and more.

One primary responsibility for the administrative staff is monitoring and responding to clients’ text messages. In order to keep things organized, they utilize several features built into the Beetexting app that are specifically for teams.

Here are the top three they use:

  1. Claiming messages
  2. Transferring messages
  3. Adding internal notes to messages

Claiming a Message

Let’s say a client texts the main phone line asking for an update on their tax return. Jason and Sophia both see the message come in first, but Jason is working on another task at the moment and doesn’t respond right away. Sophia is able to respond to the client and she wants to communicate to her colleagues that she is helping this client and no one else needs to respond. She communicates this to her colleagues by “claiming” the message. This means she’s successfully communicated that she is handling the customer’s request and no one else needs to get involved at this time.

Transferring a Message

Sophia realizes the customer is asking for information she can’t help them with, and she really needs Alex to step in and help with this request. Sophia transfers the conversation to Alex alerting him that she needs his help, and she is handing this client request/conversation over to him.

Adding Internal Notes to a Message

In addition to transferring the conversation to Alex, Sophia wants to update him on what’s going on and how he can jump in and help. An internal note allows Sophia to write a note into the chat window with details on the situation that’s only seen by other internal members and not seen by the client.

Start Wowing Your Customers with Beetexting

This team is able to use the features within Beetexting to provide great customer service. There are many more features beyond these three to help your team stay organized. Whoever your customer is and whatever industry you serve, using Business-Grade SMS Text Messaging brings exceptional customer service to your customers in the way they want to communicate with you.

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