Zipwhip Replacement – Compare Features

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About Beetexting


Find everything you need to decide if Beetexting is a good replacement for Zipwhip.

You're looking for the best SMS business solution to replace Zipwhip for your business or organization. We understand the process feels overwhelming at times, and maybe even frustrating. 

This video compares Zipwhip features to Beetexting features and will help you determine is Beetexting is a good replacement for you.

Q&A: Can Beetexting Replace Zipwhip for My Business?

Q: Zipwhip alternatives are everywhere, how do I know if these alternatives will work as well for me as Zipwhip did?

A: We know it's a little nerve-racking adopting new software. We've all experienced trying new things that just didn't work...

With Beetexting, we offer a 14-day free trial along with additional support to help you feel confident in your new software choice. 

Q: Zipwhip was really affordable. My monthly cost for Zipwhip was pretty low. Does Beetexting have anything similar?

A: We understand you have a pretty good thing going on! While we can't say our pricing is the same, we're committed to helping you by offering a Zipwhip customer-specific discount. To hear more about it, text us at 309-605-0390

Q: I have a lot of conversations and business contacts in my Zipwhip account. I don't want to lose them.

A: We don't want you to lose them either! That's why we developed a simple Zipwhip Migration Tool making it easy for you to move your contacts and conversation history to Beetexting. Check out our Zipwhip Alternative page for more information on the Zipwhip Migration Tool

Q: Will I lose my phone number(s) once Zipwhip is shut down at the end of November?

A: When you migrate to Beetexting you can bring your phone number with you! Check out our Zipwhip Migration Tool

Q: How long do I have before Zipwhip is shut down? 

A: Zipwhip will be permanently shut down on November 30, 2022. We're advising that all Zipwhip customers reach out to Twilio and ask them to export their contacts and conversation history ASAP. Thousands of customers still need to find an alternative solution and we expect Twilio customer support to become backlogged.