The Benefits of SMS Business Text Messaging for Professional Service Businesses

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About Beetexting


Professional service businesses discover business text messaging as the perfect tool for easy communication that customers appreciate.

Texting is everyone’s preferred form of communication and that goes beyond personal relationships into professional ones. What makes texting so much better than email and phone calls? It’s fast, mobile, and easy for customers and businesses alike.

Businesses that incorporate texting have happier and more loyal customers because they make communication easier for their customers when they need it most.

Many homeowners have experienced home services industries such as HVAC, plumbing, and pest control adopting text messaging for easy communication alerting homeowners about arrival times, sending invoices, and reminders for routine maintenance. Now, professional service businesses are realizing the value texting has for both them and their customers as well.

Business Texting for Insurance

For example, insurance customers - often don’t speak with their insurance agent unless something is wrong, and they need assistance quickly. With texting, you can communicate the situation easily with your agent from whatever your location, in your time of need. This is hugely convenient for you as the customer.

Here’s an example of how that might go…

John is pulling out of the Chick-fil-a parking lot and hits someone’s car. Startled, he jumps out of his car assessing the damage, and exchanges insurance information.

He snaps a couple of photos of each vehicle, a picture of the other person’s insurance information, writes a short summary of what happened, and then texts all that information to his insurance provider.

He gets a reply saying he’s all set and they’ll be in touch for additional details. While this was not how John was expecting his day to go, his insurance provider made a bad situation a little easier to handle.

On the agent's side….

Joan the insurance agent is handling several claims when a new notification alerts her that her client John needs to submit a claim. Unlike John, who used his mobile device to text Joan from the Chick-fil-a parking lot, she responds while sitting in her office on her desktop computer.

The magic of business-grade texting for businesses like Joan’s is she isn’t managing messages all day from her phone, but from a dashboard on her computer that looks very similar to her email inbox, but instead of emails, it’s text messages from her clients.

She can offer convenient, mobile, and easy communication options for her insurance customers without compromising her efficiency.

Business-grade texting marries the simplicity and mobility of texting with a feature-rich and highly functional dashboard for business teams.

Allowing businesses and teams all the tools they need for compliance, confidentiality, internal note-taking, auto-responses, transferring to another colleague and so much more.

Beetexting is allowing Joan close-knit conversations with clients that yield high response rates through the power of business-grade texting. She is producing better relationships by meeting her clients where they are…on their phones.

But she isn’t sacrificing what’s critical to running her agency. Her messages are organized and synched to her CRM for proper reporting. Her team has access to client messages as well so she isn’t trying to respond to everyone without support. Her personal phone number is kept private allowing work/life balance and protecting her from disgruntled or anxious clients.

While it’s a powerful way to receive messages from clients, Joan also sends text messages to her clients using this same dashboard. She is managing her clients’ needs through text similar to how you use email, but through utilizing text messaging she receives more frequent and timely responses.

Business Texting for Professional Service Businesses

Beyond insurance agencies, texting is a great option for all professional service businesses who want better conversations and deeper relationships with their customers. Text messaging can benefit:

  • CPA firms
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance agencies
  • Architects
  • Ad agencies
  • Financial advisers

If you have a professional service business, texting is a fit for you. To see the Beetexting app in action, text DEMO to 309-605-0390.