Texting Software for Business with Emotional Intelligence

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About Beetexting


Texting software for businesses enables teams to punch through the noise and deliver messages directly to customers’ phones. With this power, we thought it was even more important that these messages be in the right spirit. That’s why we created the Communication Advocate.

This powerful texting feature is based on a Bible study our team did on communication. We searched the Bible, studied the Scriptures on communication, and implemented features based on what we learned from the study.

The Communication Advocate will help you reflect on what you say before you say it by holding your texts in delivery delay status to allow us a chance to listen to the Spirit before we speak. Learn more about Reflections.

It will also send your team reports on if we’re good listeners and even prompt us when it might be better to ask a question vs. sharing an opinion. Learn more about Good Listener Reports.