Text Message Marketing with Targeted Broadcast Texts

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About Beetexting


Text message marketing is a powerful way to reach targeted lists with broadcast text messages. Broadcast messages are like BCC emails. When you send a broadcast message to a targeted list, the message will go out to each recipient individually. They will not all be in a group thread together.

Imagine an account manager sending a message that says, “Just checking in to see if there’s anything I can be doing for you.” That’s a powerful message to send directly to hundreds or thousands of your customer’s cell phones.

As an account manager, the task of checking in with your accounts could be daunting. To truly connect, email may go unanswered or feel generic, and customers don’t always want unscheduled calls. Texting them is a perfect balance of a personal connection in a customer-friendly and convenient way. With broadcast messaging, your sales team can really connect!