Mass Texting for Business

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About Beetexting


Mass texting for business can be a powerful tool, especially if you have developed targeted lists to send your messages. That's why Beetexting developed an easy to use tag management system.

Users can quickly add tags to contacts right in the conversation, or they can go to the tag manager to create new tags and add them to multiple contacts at a time. Users can also use the tag manager to edit tags in just a few clicks.

When sending blast SMS messages to customers, you can do broad targeting or narrow targeting. Broad targeting will send the message to any contact with any of the tags you've specified in your broadcast message, while narrow targeting will only send the message to a contact that has all the tags you've selected.

For example, if you'd like to send a message to all contacts that are current customers with a particular service your company offers to see if they're interested in upgrading, you can select both those tags and send a narrow broadcast.

Using the narrow option is a great way to really hone in a specific message to a select group of your contacts, whereas using the broad option will help you cast a wider net to get more general messages out to many contacts at a time.