Website Texting Replaces (or Complements) Website Chat

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About Beetexting


Website texting is the new way to provide a quick and easy option for your site visitors to chat with you. Chat widgets were nice when that was our only option, but now that we have business texting, chat has become obsolete.

When a customer engages with your chat widget on your site, they are immediately left waiting… it feels like they are standing in line… tied to that tab in their browser, feeling like they can’t go without their session expiring. This doesn’t put them in a perfect spot to have a pleasant interaction with your brand.

However, if they text you, they can get on with their day and just wait for their phone to buzz with your reply. Texting is on their terms, while website chat leaves them waiting on you.

Another great thing about using business text messaging as a replacement to a website chat widget is that once a site visitor text you, you have their phone number so you can follow up. Unlike a website user who chats with you and then they disappear if you’re not able to answer them quickly enough.

Let’s say you’re not quite ready to give up your website chat widget. No problem. Beetexgting’s texting platform for teams is a great way to compliment your current chat widget. Many chat widgets will allow you to set a default welcome message. Simply put your text-enabled number there and give them the option to text if they need to stay on the move.