How Tony Cannoli Uses SMS to Drive Customer Engagement

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How Tony Cannoli uses SMS to Coordinate Customers and Drive Engagement

Read on to learn how the food and beverage industry is harnessing Beetexting's advanced SMS features to drive customer sales

The Tony Cannoli, a family-owned business renowned for its hand-crafted Italian cannoli, sought a more efficient way to update its vast customer base about its weekly food cart locations.

Their small team needed a solution that not only provided regular updates but also directly reached customers without them having to first search for information.

Before implementing Beetexting, they relied heavily on their website and social media channels. While these platforms garnered some attention, many loyal customers missed out on updates, leading to missed sales and less engagement.

The Solution

Using Beetexting's advanced Keyword Automation feature, Tony Cannoli developed automated messages to auto-respond to some of the most frequent inbound messages from customers. They also drove greater customer engagement both online and in person, via SMS campaigns with pricing and location details sent directly to each customer's phone.

Direct Customer Notifications via SMS and Streamlined Support

Tony Cannoli went even further in their SMS strategy. The team quickly began to use features like customer tags, text scheduling, and templates to quickly reply to those Frequently Asked Questions that their advanced Keyword Automation didn't account for. This included everything from the easily anticipated questions regarding the real-time location of the cannoli cart to the inventory currently available for sale.

The Results

Implementing SMS has provided outstanding results for The Tony Cannoli, giving them a better way to communicate with customers.

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    Increased Revenue

    The immediate impact was a surge in customers at each location. The convenience of receiving direct text messages meant that loyal patrons no longer had to scour social media or the website for updates. With customers consistently able to find Tony’s carts, revenue became more consistent.

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    Reduced Repetition

    The ability to send customers each day’s locations ahead of time meant the team spent little to no time answering questions about locations. Tony Cannoli could also eliminate other recurring time drains including questions on pricing, seasonal inventory, and advanced ordering.

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    All-in-One Solution

    A mix of Beetexting features, from campaign scheduling to automated responses via SMS, presented Tony Cannoli with a multifaceted platform that allowed the business to address many issues with one solution.

Advanced SMS for Food and Beverages

Excellent customer service is essential to securing repeat customers in the food and beverage industry. If your business is focused on providing the best food possible, the last thing you want to do is spend precious time answering repetitive questions.

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