What are Opt-Outs and How Can You Avoid them?

2 min read

An opt-out gives consumers the ability to avoid receiving communications in the future. When your business is texting with an individual, they have the ability to opt-out at any time. In fact, all it takes is for them to reply STOP to one of your messages and they will never receive messages from your phone number again.  

This is a great feature that gives consumers the power they deserve in the relationship, but what does that mean for you? It means that you have to be conscientious about setting a proper expectation for the consumer and using your ability to text to provide valuable and relevant information that aligns with the customers wants and needs.  

Want some tips on how to keep customers happy within your promotional campaigns? 

  1. Texting is the most valuable for time-sensitive information. Consumers prefer time-sensitive information in the form of a text message as opposed to email. (Source: Bandwidth Consumer Preferences SurveyPromoting through text is not only timely for time-sensitive marketing, but it also gives them the ability to prompt or ask about service straight from the text thread. Text messaging can offer the most convenient interactions for customers when used properly. 
  2. Get specific with your marketing. Within Beetexting you have the ability to make as many tags as you’d like, which means you can get as specific as you want when creating your marketing lists. Instead of tagging all customers for a broad marketing campaign, create individual marketing campaigns pertaining to the service that the consumer is interested in.  
  3. Set the expectations for the promotional campaign. Retaining current customers is generally more valuable than trying to gain new customers. While both are essential to any business, there’s no point in spending money gaining new customers if you can’t keep them around. You should think along these lines when texting your customers. Make sure that the text is valuable to that individual. Retain a consistent frequency that fits with your product and customers’ needs. Doing these things will help keep you in good standing with customers or prospects, so they stick around to see what you have to offer.