Business Texting: Understanding the Landscape

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There have been major changes within the text messaging landscape that have ultimately given businesses like yours, the ability to text with their customers. Text messaging started as a person-to-person telecommunications service that proved to be a great asset to most people within the United States. Recognizing the convenience and widespread adoption of text messaging, businesses began trying to connect with their customers in their preferred method of communication.

In 2018, the FCC established text messaging as an informational service, as opposed to telecommunication service. That means that regulations within the Telecom Act no longer apply to text messaging, but wireless carriers wanted to retain what made text messaging so great, the fact that you really only received messages that mattered to you. Could you imagine if your text inbox looked like your email inbox? People would be trying to figure out how to take it back to the olden days when we only received texts from people that were involved in our lives.

Since that change, carriers have been on a mission to retain the value of text messaging as it becomes a more common and accessible practice. This brings us to today when carriers are doing everything in their power to put the consumer first. But what does that mean for you? It means you should understand a couple of things.

  1. Business-class texting is evolving but is here for the long haul as systems are defined and refinements are made to make businesses productive and consumers happy.
  2. With change comes uncertainty. In a massively interconnected telecom network, there are a lot of players, and they’re all establishing a new system. Things won’t always be perfect but the industry is working together to provide you a seamless service.
  3. With great power comes great responsibility. Your business can communicate with consumers on one of the most personal channels of modern society. Who do you text the most? Probably your significant other, possibly your kids, or maybe your best friend. No matter what, I bet your texts mean a lot more to you than most forms of external communication because it’s how we connect with our loved ones most often. If you’re going to be texting with your customers, do it with the utmost care and compassion because ultimately it is their choice if they ever receive your messages again.

For detailed guidelines and best practices, visit the CTIA Messaging Principle and Best Practices document.

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