SMS Marketing with Keyword Autoresponders

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About Beetexting


SMS marketing with keyword or keyphrase autoresponders is a great way to bring new customers into your company’s marketing funnels. Trading a whitepaper for a prospect’s email was a common way to do this. Today, businesses are using text autoresponders to do this, and instead of walking away with an email address, they automatically get the customer’s cell phone number. Getting a cell phone number is a much better trade! Unlike email, people will quickly read and respond to text messages!

We believe that the mobile phone number will become one of the most valuable data types in the coming years. Beetexting not only helps your team leverage this data, but it also helps you collect it, growing your database of mobile phone numbers!

Automation also helps your team provide professional customer experiences. If you ask your best salesman and account managers, you may find they are already texting customers or prospects. There are several issues with this.

One is the lack of autoresponders. Let’s say a key customer text an account manager when they’re on vacation; if your account manager decides to put their phone up for a day or two while on vacation, your crucial customer’s message goes unnoticed, and they may feel ignored. A simple out of office/OOO text is the perfect solution.

Another issue with employees using their personal devices is your business continuity if they happen to move on. When they leave, all the company’s contacts and data go with them. This isn’t only just not good for ongoing sales and customer service; it’s a security risk when customers expect you to protect their data and information.