Reflection Reminders

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About Beetexting


Beetexting’s Communication Advocate, “Advocate” for short, helps us set Reflection Reminders. These Reflection Reminders can be created, edited, deleted, enabled, or disabled within the Advocates settings.

Reminders will post in your conversation within your thread with Beetexting Support as notes from your Advocate, and only you can see them. Reflection reminders can be set to display at appointed times at different intervals.

Admins can set Reflection Reminders for the whole team.

The goal of these reminders is to keep essential concepts at the forefront of our minds. This will help put us in a reflective state so we can learn and grow. Here are some examples of Reflection Reminders that each account has enabled by default.

“Great speech is edifying, full of grace, and full of truth. This is your daily reminder to invest in reflecting on what you said today.“

“Would today be a good day to encourage someone on your team?”

“Would today be a good day to check in with some friends, prospects, or customers? Sending a simple Broadcast Message like, “Just wanted to check in with you. How are you doing?” can be a great way to show your friends you’re thinking of them. You could tag everyone you’d like to check in with. Broadcast messages are BCC so that no one will see the other recipients. Responses will be private between you and each recipient.”