Receive Inbound Leads via Text

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About Beetexting


Inbound leads are highly valuable. If handled well, they turn into sales more easily than any other lead type. Unfortunately, obtaining them requires a great deal of effort and resources.

Texting is the world’s preferred form of communication - offering prospects the option to text you their information helps you gather more leads than with calls/emails.

It’s easy, conversational, and fast.

There are many benefits to using text messaging for inbound leads.

  1. You may receive more leads since most people prefer communicating via text than email.
  2. Leads via text initiate a direct line of communication with you. It’s conversational by nature, and you’re more likely to engage in one-on-one conversations with leads.
  3. Once a lead texts your business, you can more effectively follow up with them through text.
  4. 95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent. (Forbes)

Ways to Use Text Messaging to Receive Inbound Leads

There are many ways to use text messaging for inbound leads. Any way that you’re currently using email/call can be used for text. Choose one or all the below examples and see a change in your inbound lead numbers.

Use Keywords

Keywords are used to trigger an automatic reply that sends leads valuable information such as industry advice, discounts, coupons, etc. in return for their contact information.

Some examples:

If you’re in the retail industry, you might say “Text DISCOUNT to 5834 for a special 30% off coupon code”. Or if you’re in a tech/marketing industry, you might say “Text MARKETING to 5834 to receive our 10 Things Every Small Business Should Know about Marketing PDF”.

When prospects text your keyword, they automatically receive your coupon/discount/PDF.  Now you have their contact information for further marketing/follow-up campaigns.

Online Marketing

Try keywords with your social media/search engine advertisements. Select a keyword that you only use with your online advertising campaigns in order to gauge its success.

Offer Chat to Text on Your Website

Allow visitors to give their name and phone number to begin chatting with you from your website. Although they initiate the conversation from your website, once you reply the conversation happens via text on their phone.

People prefer chat to text over traditional website chat widgets. In a typical chat widget, you stay on their website to continue chatting. With chat to text, you can start the conversation without being tethered to someone’s website.

Enhance your Website Calls to Action

While you don’t want to offer too many options, adding a click to text button (Click to Text Us) either as your sole call to action or next to your primary call to action gives visitors direct access to ask their questions and get answers quickly.

Also, let people know they can text you from your business number. Wherever your number is listed on your website update the wording from “Call” to “Call/Text”.

There are many ways to incorporate text into your marketing strategy. Interested in discussing your industry with us? We'd love to talk with you about your business: Text (or call) 309-605-0390 to start the conversation.