Installing Beetexting as a Web App

< 1 min read



We could all use some relief when it comes to the number of tabs we keep open in our browsers on a daily basis. Beetexting doesn't have to add to the madness, simply download our progressive web app to reduce your clutter and make Beetexting super accessible. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Go to and log in to your Beetexting account
  3. Once logged in, find the "install Beetexting" button that is towards the right side of the URL barΒ 
  4. Select "install Beetexting", Beetexting is now a searchable and pinnable application on your computer
  5. Go down to the Beetexting icon at the bottom of your screen and right-click. Select "Pin to taskbar"

That's it! Now you can open Beetexting from the icon at the bottom of your screen whenever you have an internet connection.