First Christian Church of Decatur Leverages Beetexting to Better Communicate with Members and Visitors.



First Christian Church is a contemporary, multi-generational community of individuals located in Decatur, IL who love God and love people. To stay connected and involved with their people, they implemented texting.

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“Communicating effectively is our main priority as well as our biggest challenge. We struggled to find a texting partner that provides the features we need at a price we can afford. After a few misfits, we found Beetexting – their service has everything we need to reach people in our church both individually and collectively. The one-on-one conversation and broadcast text features generate more responses and conversations than any other texting platform we’ve tried. With Beetexting we have deeper and more thoughtful conversations which we’re so thankful for."


  • What hurdles were you experiencing that led you to give Beetexting a try?

    Before Beetexting, we had some failed experiences with other texting providers. We encountered many issues including hidden charges, confusing payment structures with text credits, cumbersome platforms, limited characters per message, limited user profiles, poor customer support, and more. 

    It’s without saying that we were frustrated and began feeling like there wasn’t a good solution out there for us that didn’t cost a fortune until Beetexting came along.

  • What are the top ways you are using Beetexting regularly?

    We use Beetexting for broadcast texts and one-on-one conversations. We also transfer conversations to other users when necessary. This is a really nice feature internally!

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  • How has Beetexting positively impacted your church, team, and/or congregation?

    People have been VERY receptive to using Beetexting. We rarely had people contact us via our old providers. However, we have people contact us weekly now via Beetexting, and I believe that will only increase. Being able to respond immediately to those who contact us is a very nice feature. 

  • Would you recommend Beetexting to a fellow church?

    Absolutely! It's a very user-friendly platform both internally and for those within our congregation. We've had great conversations via Beetexting with first-time guests as well. And Beetexting support is excellent. While we had some bugs at first, they worked diligently to get those fixed and kept us updated along the way.

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  • What features do you use most often?

    We schedule broadcasts the most, but I really like the "edifying" message as well. It helps us to think through our messages before sending them. I also really like the "transferring conversations" to other users. It guarantees they know they are the ones that should respond to that particular message.

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