Welcome Visitors to Church with Text Messages

2 min read

Whether you use Visitor Cards or provide welcome packets, leaving a good first impression is a major goal for churches when interacting with first-time visitors. Sometimes those people forget to or choose not to interact with that welcome method for any number of reasons. Offering a text message sequence as a supplement or more convenient alternative can not only lead to more interactions in general but also help bring your church to the next generation of congregants and communication.  
Beetexting offers a tagging system and automated text messages triggered by a keyword that works with the tagging system. This allows your church to set up a sequence of automations that are tailored to your ministries and your congregants. We know that can seem overwhelming, but don’t fret; we are here to help you get that set up in a way that is most beneficial to your individual church.  
Essentially you would set up a keyword like “WELCOME”. When that keyword is texted to your Beetexting phone number, an automated message would be sent like  
“Welcome to our Church 😊 We are grateful to have you. First Church offers programs to serve, learn and grow in many ways for multiple age groups. Respond with any of the following to get more information: KIDS, TEENS, VOLUNTEER, or GROUPS.” 
You would then set up sequences for the categories that fit your church. You can embed links to your website, allow your congregants to sign up to receive notifications via text based on their interests, and even continue the conversation using 1 to 1 text messages if they have any questions that your website or sequence doesn’t provide. 
You can even pair this with a welcome packet or visitor card. Place your keywords somewhere on those documents so that the visitor can sign up to receive updates whenever necessary. This not only keeps them up to date on the latest things happening with your church but also opens a line of communication to them which wasn’t available before.