Church Text Messaging Service for Engaging your Congregation

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When your Church uses a texting service to stay in touch with your congregants, especially one that features mass texting, you open the door to easy and effective communication. Information is going to be inherently more valuable when the messages you send are tailored to specific interest groups, too! In (Title of video) we walk through an example of how you can use tags, automations, and mass texting (we call them broadcast messages) to connect with the right people in a timely fashion.  
Use keyword automations to enroll your congregants to receive updates on the specific ministry that they are interested in. You can display those keywords on any literature that you disperse, on a sign somewhere within your church or anywhere else that you can display a phone number and that keyword.  
Use those automations to automatically tag congregants or have them sign up on a form or signup sheet. Tags will be assigned to a specific contact and allow you to send broadcast messages to individuals with that tag. 
Once your respective congregants are tagged, easily create one message and send it to all of your contacts with that tag. That message is sent to each person individually, after which you can then continue the conversation in a regular 1 to 1 texting conversation to clarify any questions or anything else you’d like to discuss.