Church Text Giving with a Personal Touch

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The year of 2020 has brought many changes to the world, one of which being an even bigger shift to technology-based solutions for what used to be simple physical interactions. While we never want those interactions to go away, we must also adapt to that shift. That comes mainly in the form of offering alternatives to those interactions when necessary for not only safety but also convenience.  
Offering "Text to Give” gives your congregants the ability to give even when they forgot their wallet, don’t have the cash on hand that they planned on bringing, or want to avoid physical contact for their own safety.  
By using our Keyword Automation, you can easily set up the keyword “GIVE”, which when texted to your Church’s phone number will reply with a link to the donation/giving page on your website. Beetexting also allows you to continue the conversation in a 1 to 1 fashion that allows you to be more personal with your givers.  
If you don’t have a giving page, you can set up a Stripe account which allows you to process online payments. Your Stripe account can be integrated with Beetexting to allows you to send payment requests based on the amount the individual is requesting to give. Talk to us to see if that is the right solution for you!