Beetexting Release Notes: June 2024

2 min read


We have introduced a couple changes to Beetexting. The most impactful being our NEW Forms feature. We have also made some procedural changes in regard to purchasing Beetexting + RingCentral integration licenses. 

Forms will allow your customers and prospects to initiate text conversations directly from your website. Similar in appearance to a traditional website chat widget, except the conversation is transitioned over to text messaging. 

What’s New 

  1. Forms 
    1. Generate a code snippet within Beetexting that can be added to your website to gather text messaging consent and inititate SMS conversations with your web leads. 
    2.  Instructions
      1. Log in to Beetexting and go to Tools 
      2. Select the option Forms 
      3. Select the department you would like to form to go to and select the Create Form button 
      4. On the Create Form screen, enter the title, select the department, and add any tags that should be applied to the contact when they fill out the form.  
      5. After creating the form, select the button “Copy Code Snippet” on the forms screen, the code snippet will be copied to your clipboard 
      6. Either provide this code to your website team to be added, or add a Plugin to your website that allows for Code Snippets to be added.  
      7. Follow your Code Snippet instructions for adding code snippets. 
  1. Updated Analytics 
    1. Analytics now include data reflecting the Consent status of your contacts. Easily how many contacts have provided different levels of consent. You are not also able to filter your analytics by tag, so you can narrow down reports to a specific campaign or customer segment. 
    2. Instructions
      1. Log in to Beetexting and select Analytics from the left hand menu.  
      2. See the new graph at the top of your analytics screen to see how consent status has changed over time for your contact.  
      3. Select Filter by tags field, search for and select the tag you would like to filter your analytics data with. All graphs within analytics will be filtered to include data that involves a contact with the tag you have selected.  
      4. RingCentral Integrated Account Creation 
      5. There are no immediate user impacts with this change. If you ever need a hand with your account. Let us know. 
      6. General Bug Fixes 
      7. Multiple bugs that have been reported have been addressed.  

How to Update 

To update Beetexting to the latest version, log in to your Beetexting account. If you are already logged in, you should be prompted to update upon opening the application. If you sign in again, the application will automatically update once your credentials are approved. You can prompt the update by signing out and signing back in if need be.  


Thank you for choosing Beetexting!