Beetexting Release Notes 11-24-23

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 This release focuses on updates to User Roles and Permissions and bug fixes. 

What’s New 

  1. Customizable User Roles and Permissions
    1. You can now create custom roles within Beetexting that allow you to choose what tools your team has available to them. Once these roles are created, they can be assigned to existing users or assigned when inviting a new user.
    2. Instructions: To access customizable roles, log in to Beetexting, select Settings, then Roles. This will only be available to users that currently hold the Admin role.

Bug Fixes 

We’ve addressed several issues to ensure a smoother experience: 

  • Fix to address issues when syncing Google Contacts
  • Additional error messages have been added to provide the user information on why a failure occurred
  • Fixed a bug that prevented all contact information from being available within the broadcast error report
  • Other minor miscellaneous fixes

How to Update 

To update Beetexting to the latest version, log in to your Beetexting account. If you are already logged in, you should be prompted to update upon opening the application. If you sign in again, the application will automatically update once your credentials are approved. You can prompt the update by signing out and signing back in if need be.  


Thank you for choosing Beetexting!