Please fill out the form

Fill out the form using the business info for the entity sending text messages.

For more information about this change and The Campaign Registry, check out this article.

TCR Registration Campaign Details v2.0
Campaign Use Case
Please Select all the ways you are gathering or will gather Opt-Ins
Example of Opt-In Keywords: OPTIN, MARKETING, JOIN
Example of Opt-In Message: "Example Brand: You are now opted-in. For help, reply HELP. To opt-out, reply STOP"
Example of Opt-Out Message: "Example Brand: You are now opted-out. You will no longer receive any texts from us."
You're required to set up a HELP automation for your business phone numbers. Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to set up your HELP automation.
Have you set up your required HELP automation within Beetexting? This must be completed for your account to remain verified.
By checking this box you take responsibility for the implementation of your HELP automation.
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