Implementing HELP Automation

< 1 min read

Offering a HELP automation to whomever you’re texting with is a requirement by the Campaign Registry. In this automation, we just want to make sure the contact understands who they’re texting with, alternative methods to contact the business, and how to opt-out of receiving text messages.

Just follow the following steps, create a HELP automation for each one of your phone numbers and you’re good to go!

  1. Start by selecting ‘Tools’, select ‘Automations’, then select ‘Create Automation’.
  2. Title your automation ‘Help’
  3. For the conditions must be met field select “Text Received” and “Exactly Matches”, then in the text box below enter the word “help”, and leave the case sensitive setting unchecked.
  4. Under ‘Action upon met Condition’, select “Send a reply Immediately”
  5. Complete this template with your Organization Details then copy and paste into the text box. “You’re texting with [Organization Name]. Reply STOP to no longer receive text messages. You can always text or call us at [Phone Number] or visit our website at [Website URL].”
  6. Turn your Automation ON, then click on ‘Create’